Grinding Whole Grain Flours

Okay [many say] I made the best bread. I’ll let you in on one of my most guarded bread making secrets; just don’t tell any my neighbors, they’ll just begin to covet my grinder!

I’ve stone ground most my own whole-grain flours! In fact, the best grain mill I’ve ever owned, (is going of 40 years now) the Magic Mill with stones, housed in an old-style wooden case. It actually looks like it may have crossed the plains with the Utah pioneers, LOL! but I did buy it NEW!

If you too are in the market for the BEST grain mill ever made… you might be interested to know, that mill is truly one of the best investments I ever made, say besides my hubby since the late 1970’s. I might add both are very alive and KICKIN’ after all these years.

SADLY those sort of mills are no longer manufactured, even used [no matter how beautifully restored] this particular mill NEVER sold cheap; they’re just made too well! I remember paying something like $250.00 some 40 years ago. So if you can buy a GOOD one used [even for $300.00] consider yourself LUCKY!


  • To the left, when the lever is rotated to (10:00 position) it will grind very fine ww-pastry flour for whole-wheat pastry and cookies.
  • Mid-way, lever straight up, (high-noon) you get the best ww-all-purpose flour possible for whole-wheat breads ever! 
  • Opening up the stones up just a little bit further, to the right (2:00) to grind pumpernickel flour from whole rye grain.
  • Open more to the right, until you get the exact desired effect for cracked wheat.

Even though the newer impact mills have dial settings too – from my own experience – and reading reviews, impact mills do not give (as fine or cracked flour ability) as my stone mill does.

I have had a K-Tec [aka: Blentec], It was great for grinding beans, corn or what have you, because you DON’T want to glaze over the precious stones with the Magic Mill stone grinder, from the oils from those type of things. I’ve since given it to my daughter, and got another one for her sister. 

However, I WILL grind with them in a mix [of grains] .i.e.: barley, beans, lentils, millet and whole wheat the best whole-grain waffles you’ll ever eat in your life. I just make sure I there is a plenty of wheat in the mix, this way the stones remain clean and unharmed. So take note, if you too ever get or have STONE grinder.

Plus make note the K-Tec manufacture does guarantee to safely grinding beans, corn and such.

There’s the new KoMo from Europe, ranges about $300-500 (depending on the model) that has similar control over your grains. PLUS making real muesli for breakfast no less.

The Hungarian ARABELLA STONE MILL, which sells for $350.00 and has 6 adjustment levels, and is capable of producing a coarse to super fine grind. 3 lbs of grain within 5-10 minutes. Grinds any dry grains, i.e.: beans. corn, wheat, rye, barley, oat, millet, chickpeas, quinoa, etc...

You could keep an eye on ebay for a Magic Mill grinder like mine!

Or find one for FREE, say from your own mom or even your Aunt Tilley [who lived in Utah back in the 1970’s] too.

Check out the basements. Just ask if they’ve owned such a treasure!

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Sharon Anne

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