Print Darling Canning Labels (for FREE)

Buying canning labels is okay, yet they’re either not so interesting OR the shipping KILLS ya.

Not anymore, I found a great idea! Print your own canning labels, for FREE! Just look at these little darlings, designed by blogger kendra-jane. Be SURE to go to kendra-jane’s blog!

Here’s her downloadable.pdf file link; as it was sort of difficult to locate FOR ME (after several attempts).

I don’t think she’d mind, with credit given; she said to SHARE! She’s a real generous gal, this girl. Give her some props and maybe some business.

I just may need a graphic designer one day!

You can use white sheets (8.5 x 11) of Avery Sticker Paper and prints the labels right onto the sheets. Note: YOU can also get these cheaper, locally (w/o shipping), say OfficeMax brand, that’s what I’ve got.

Aren’t these labels cute from Wendolonia’s blog! She uses a X-Large Fiskars Punch, and shares three types (orange, lemon & lime) and easier found downloadable .pdf links. Plus she shows how to add digital print titles in Photoshop Elements. Also a worthy read.

Remember to give kudos to the blogging canning label designers! This world NEEDS creative people that share their talents!

Have Fun… please share any ideas YOU have (either) here on the sharealikecooking list. When we share GOD just blesses us with even more talent!


Sharon Anne

P.S. If my printer isn’t up to par, or out of ink, I email my saved files on over to my local Office Max. I’D CALL FIRST, to see if they’ll even print your labels on full sheets of sticker paper. Most Office Max employees fall all over themselves for your business.

You’d have to take such specialty sheets to a UPS Store, which I often do, because it’s within walking distance from our business and that local UPS store does color copies for only 25 cents!

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