Hard Boiled Eggs (What to do, What to do?)

While searching for recipes that used black sesame seeds, LOOKEE what I FOUND, just in time for Easter.

A clever little site, where a mom shares how she makes these!

I think my grand kiddos might have a ball making little momma(s) and baby chicks!

(Tips & Techniques…)
The night before cooking eggs, store carton in its side to center yolks within their whites.
  • Choose 3-day to 1-week old (sell by date) eggs, these will “shell” later (more easily) than fresh eggs will.
  • Place a single layer of eggs in a saucepan and cover eggs (by 1-inch) with COLD water,
  • Cover pan and bring the water to a boil.
  • IMMEDIATELY remove the pan from the heat, once water begins to boil.
  • Set a timer for 17 minutes, allowing the eggs to “cook” off heat till hard-cooked.
  • Immediately drain off  the water; replace with COLD water, before attempting to shell.

So, as for hard boiled eggs… what will you do with yours? Share your ideas and even recipes.

Sharon Anne

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