Nifty – Difty Tip: Using Wax Paper (above)

You can’t see any wax paper up there… doin’ its thing!

My clever daughter’s blogspot Decor-ganize shared that Laurieann, Motivates for Sanity’s Sake, posted this very

Nifty – Difty Tip:
Using Wax Paper …

  • Line cupboards (bookshelves or entertainment center, etc.) with wax paper.
  • Instead of yearly cleaning there…
  • Simply remove and TOSS the wax paper!

I love the idea, I’m gonna do it! “So whatchoo think too?” —

Most Warmly,
Sharon Anne

2 thoughts on “Nifty – Difty Tip: Using Wax Paper (above)”

  1. Tis a good idea and was paper is fairly inexpensive. I lay a cloth kitchen towel over a particularly dirty or sticky spot and wet it with soapy water and go about my business. A bit later I easily clean that part of the counter. Saves lots of elbow grease and time for me.

  2. What an awesome idea! I've put peel & stick tile in my cupboards – especially under the sink – it wipes up in a jiffy!

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