You Deserve the Best… Sugar Substitute! (Whey Low)

In the Woman’s World Magazine Article 
(Dated 8-29-11, page 41)

You Deserve the Best… 
Sugar Substitute!

I was asked to give to give a 
QUOTE about 
Whey Low Type D Granular

My Quote: It measures, cup for cup, for sugar. “I did a blind tasting test last Thanksgiving,” recalls recipe developer Sharon Anne Hill, “Everyone said the pumpkin pie with Whey Low tasted better than the sugar one!”

Here’s a little background from last May and June.

  • In May, I was asked what were the ADVANTAGES to using the pricier Whey Low Product over another other sugar substitutes.
  • So I decided to blog about the health-wise benefits for my June post. 
  • My “soap-box” sugar-cartel joke (which I cracked) seemed to tickle the editor for the weekly Woman’s World Magazine funny bone.
  • I don’t know, but maybe she too could be a sugar-addict – like I once was too? She didn’t say. 
  • She emailed me, requesting for an interview for Woman’s World Magazine! 
  • Hmmm… Ahh, I must check my calendar first, since I’m so busy; haha… heck yes!

I emailed her back, YES! I love using Whey Low Products, and (how) I use each on a regular basis.

She called me for the interview, explaining the  August article would be a comparison feature, and would include a few a few quotes of our interview, although we spoke for much longer.

I had a great time sharing the of the MANY ways I use the various Whey Low Products, and how well they work (and often) even better than table sugar does – particularly fruit, custard and cream pies!

  • The copy editors decided on using my “pumpkin pie blind test” QUOTE with Whey Low D. Although since that quote, I’ve switched to using Whey Low for Ice Cream because it dissolves faster than Whey Low D.

So I’m officially been quoted in a National Magazine! print! That’s just too cool for my brain process!

I’d love to hear from Woman’s World Magazine, for permission on more ways of how I use Whey Low again. 

All Sweetness and Light,
Sharon Anne

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