Making Chipotle Chile Paste*

Here’s my secret 
for making smooth 
chipotle chile paste.

Chipotle Chile Paste

Be sue to use latex gloves to protect your hands from potential burns. Remove the peppers from the can. Scrape out the seeds and discard, with a sharp knife. Transfer the seeded peppers and the adobo sauce to a wide-mouth PINT jar.

Here’s where you WANT a stick blender and blend the peppers (RIGHT in the jar) into a smooth paste. Scrape out the puree and scrape into a HALF-PINT jar. Label; cover and refrigerate.

The chipotle chile paste lasts far longer rather than when the peppers are left whole. Use paste in Mexican, South-West and Asian dishes and recipes calling for chipotles or chili paste.

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Sharon Anne

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