My “Butter’s” Keeper

Butter Keeper
Butter stays fresh up to 30 days! Just
change out the water every 2-4 days.

Need a small inexpensive gift for your favorite cook? (say yourself)Might I suggest a Butter Keeper. Such is available in many kitchen shops or through me (on Amazon). I have a number of these, as I love making compound butters, with a variety flavors.
Spreading cold butter can be such a drag… literally.

A butter keeper (keeps) butter perfectly soft (in summer months, even in winter) for smooth spreading all the time.

The bell-shaped top fits 1 stick of butter perfectly. The bottom well needs about 1/2-inch cool water to give you a nice inverted seal.

Simply and routinely refresh with water every 2-4 days, your butter will keep FRESH and SPREADABLE, for up to 30 days, sitting there on the counter top!

So get one; in fact, get two!  You’ll love one for Cinnamon Honey Butter.

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