Three Related Chicken Recipes

I’ve found being empty-nesters, well… a little challenging, as in motivation to cook just for two… can be boring from constant left-overs, if I continue to make family-sized recipes. I bet my young married daughters would also agree! So here are Three Related Chicken Recipe, down-sized for 2-3 generous portions.

Anyway, my DH still thinks we shop for a family of six. He constantly buys packaged chicken breasts and chicken tenders, even though my freezer is BUSTING with chicken, turkey and completed freezer meals. When I say stop already, he says NO MAN likes to THAW meat, he wants it RAAWW!
[Yes, he adds actions and sound effects.]

Thus, I am always contending with what to do with all the RAW chicken he buys, without continuing to stuff the freezer.

Hubby said the results were impressive.

Like Peg, I made brown rice (in my little rice cooker), but Peg uses an entire can of cream of chicken, whereas, when I made the sauce, I thinned it a touch more and used half of it for another recipe…

Broccoli-Chicken w/ Boxed Stuffing”. Nothing glamorous… a layer of  slightly steamed broccoli, then a layer of cooked, chopped chicken, the remaining sauce from Creamy Chicken w/ Julienned Veggies (recipe) and then topped with Stove-Top stuffing.

Very basic comfort food, that makes my hubby and me happy. I baked that to enjoy in the coming days, as it keeps quite well.

Before (we eat) that though, I grilled up the remaining chicken in my favorite Lodge Grill Pan and made Fajitas, using the remaining red pepper, along with some sliced onion.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my secret ingredient, but I did fortunately have some homemade Blackening Seasoning on hand, with some cilantro and a fresh lime in the fridge… So we can have the Best Chicken Fajitas the next day… Olay, olay!! [more actions and sound effects!]

Now… be sure to julienne lots of extra carrots and zucchini, so you can use my Three Related Chicken Recipes links below. Would love your comments… [please hold down the actions and sound effects.] 😉

  1. Creamy Chicken w/ Julienned Veggies
  2. Broccoli-Chicken w/ Boxed Stuffing (no link, it’s so easy… it’s described above)
  3. Best Chicken Fajitas

Feel free to add your two cents. Every blogger appreciates comments!

Sharon Anne

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