Baking Fond Memories…. w/ My “Old Bessie” Bosch

Baking Fond Memories…. 
w/ My “Old Bessie” Bosch

My kids’ friends would faithfully arrive around 4 p.m., every Thursday (like clockwork). They loved the smell of hot steaming loaves (one particular recipe) sure to be coming from the oven just about then; I timed it that way.
I had ONE stipulation, they were forbidden to cut into any loaf for at least 30 minutes. Oh, you should have heard the GROANS. It was short-lived because they were rewarded with NEVER gummy slices, but the bread was warm. 

There was a variety of kids, from grade school – high school parading through my kitchen; (funny how recalling so) makes me sort of tear up.

With honey butter, homemade jam, not to mention, with complaints, over who didn’t get a “heel”, all because my tender crusts had become so coveted.

I’d Just Smile…

Their friends would say, “TEACH MY mom, please!” The mom’s (my friends) would recommend I open a bake shop. Now that’d be the day; at least not in this lifetime. I was was just happy to be “baking fond memories” for my own family!

So instead I’d just smile and perhaps would leave a loaf on THEIR doorstep, the following time I baked bread.

Universal Bosch Family…

Combo Set: Bosch Universal Plus Mixer, including Blender & Cookie Paddles
Additional Info: detailed at end of post.
My older daughter’s m-i-l has an old Bosch (like mine) and then she gave her a (newer model) one Christmas, right before the newest model came available.

We then gave the newest Bosch Universal Mixer Combo set (above) to my youngest daughter for her wedding. 

We (each) now have some sort of Bosch mixer. We’re mostly a Universal Bosch Family.

Except my sweet d-i-l has a KitchenAid and I’ve even come up with KitchenAid: kneading tips to help get those to knead more easily. My methods work for either machine, but with the Bosch’s torque design and 700-watt motor… the wait time (between the steps) can be eliminated. I’ve always done a 2nd proofing, which enhances flavor and also aids digestion, but I’ve been told it’s not required with a Bosch for texture. Try that with another mixer, ha!

May I introduce you to who started it all, 
none other than my dear… “OLD BESSIE” Bosch
UM3 Bosch Universal Mixer, circa 1976
What A Great Investment…

Last counted now, I bought “Bessie” about 40 years ago. I know, IMAGINE THAT! I say yes, what a great investment she’s been in addition to my stone grain millI did get her serviced and a new bowl set for her 35th birthday, though. The old girl works about as good as new; she just (might) last for another 40 years.

Baking homemade bread honestly saved my family a boat-load a money. I know, because I raised and fed teenage boys… PLUS their friends, all who loved and craved my bread. 

Aroma of Fresh Baked Bread… 

Not to mention nutrition… which is a major… I mean HUGE deciding factor. Plus rotating of my food storage to boot!

There’s just something about homemade breads which have a great texture, tender crumb that taste amazing.

Mastering all three IS obtainable (believe me) with the right equipment

Oh, now add in the smell,

“There are few, who wouldn’t 
love their home filled with the 
aroma of fresh baked bread!” 


Sharon Anne


Amazing Workhorse Machines:

My Old Bessie Bosch Mixer kneads 14 cups of whole wheat flour for 4-5 loaves of bread. The Bosch Universal Plus Mixer kneads as many as up to 18-21 cups of whole wheat flour for 6-7 loaves of bread! 

Now with the Dough Hook Extender* accessory, knead as little as 5-6 cups for only 2-3 loaves. Made by NutriMill for Bosch mixersI’ve not personally tested it, but reviews say you can knead even knead just the minimum dough weight effectively for 1.5 lbs for 1-loaf (two 12-oz pizzas). I’ve also read how it aids in working with high-level hydration artisan dough(s)! I’ll note I’ve seen on YouTube how nice and efficient, and even more universal this accessory makes the Bosch! Woot, woot!

The markup on Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine is really quite low for the dealers out there.

For the best prices, consider the Combo Set: Bosch Universal Plus Mixer, Blender & Cookie Paddles. 
You’ll be glad you did.

The Bosch is German engineered, and manufacturing defects are also extremely low too! I’ve my “Old Bessie” now, 40 years to date, and she’s only required maintenance at the 12-year, and I took her in again at the 35-year mark. Both times were minor affordable, minor fixes at a local dealer, who assured me she was still in tip-top shape. Sweet old girl!

SOFT BATTERS  & MIXTURES… use wire whisks for cakes, quick breads, egg whites or whipping cream,  egg whites or cream, even whip fully cooked potatoes with the wire whisks. Understand, they are too delicate for anything more flour than a very thick batter.

SOFT & HEAVY DOUGH(s)… use the dough hook.

With cookies, cream the butter, sugar and eggs together first with the wire whisk, but then swap out for the dough hook to add the flour to make a dough. 

Better yet! Just get the Cookie Paddles, which are designed specifically for cookies and no swapping out. Made by Bluestone-Kitchen Resource for Bosch.

Use the dough hook, never the bulb wire whisks to make traditional bread dough(s). However, the wire bulb whisks are the right use for a quick bread batter.

PLUS (of course) plus get the commercial-grade, 6-cup Blender; I couldn’t ever be without it. 

You name it… you’ll want that for (triple-sure) i.e.: smoothies, shakes, dressings, soups, and sauces!

Remember, if you can afford to buy the Bosch Universal Mixer Combo Set, it’s cheaper than getting it all piece-meal.

Note: I hope I’ve helped you… Thank you (for helping me) by shopping any “Affiliate” link. I only receive a small referral free and thank you, I am grateful. Every little bit helps. 
Bosch for Universal Mixer Reviews
Bosch Universal Mixer (alone)
Combo Set: Bosch Universal Mixer, w/ Blender and (includes) Cookie Paddles

Dough Hook Extender(use for small batches)


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  1. Thanks for your comments, but I am curious why you the old Bosch mixers are better than new ones. – Sharon Anne

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