Celebrity Death Match: KA vs. BOSCH

I LOVE reading a blogger, a long time back, who had the most absolute darling pink KitchenAid.
Come on FOLKS! Who wouldn’t love it? 
“It’s pink!”

KitchenAid 5-Qt Artisan Series w/ Pouring Shield – Pink

She blogged a clever, CLEVER REVIEW a while back – I’ve linked before to her actual review, but her blog is now gone. Pity! She’s WAS hilarious – with her frustrations with the KitchenAid Mixer and sad face!

And her appreciation galore… for her new Bosch Universal Mixer (aka: Kitchen Machine), as she blogged her love affair with her pink KA, that was until she met the Bosch!

Hopefully one day she’ll reconsider; until then I’ll try to paraphrase her fun review.
Kitchenaid: The “Little Brother” Mixer…
As in life, she goes on describing the KitchenAid mixer’s (behavior) to a little brother (HOT) boyfriend, she once had, until she met his (RELIABLE) big brother! “OHHH YeeeaaaH!”
She loved showing off this HOT boyfriend, especially when… YOU know how girlfriends squeal, smiling with heads-together, over cute guys within their collective sights!

Oh how proud she was, in addition to a little revelry over the jealousy of all others. And popular! (Oh, don’t get me started… about the why or how) – except that it’s about perception and especially always (always) about MONEY!*
Yet all’s not as it should be. Even though being freakingly – handsome (oh, oh never good). You guessed it! This one had a major dark side, and could be such a major JERK!

1. Okay let’s go… like her KA, when he showed up on her birthday. At one point – a bit DISAPPOINTING – when doing what she wanted to do!
2. Then of course… she’d wait on it-him, then to come barreling on (with a hot-engine) only to splash all-over her clothes and all her belongings. See – the JERK!
3. Oh boy… can this big baby ever be temperamental!!! Tossing stuff all about, if you’re not too careful! You just do what you gotta do – oh well – at least still easy on the eyes.
4. Worse… as to KNEADING (oops!) needing lots of attention, boasting about a great screw-hook for me, then stuff starts crawling up and under! Of course – where it doesn’t belong!
Oh no – you don’t!

Bosch: The “Big Brother” Mixer…
Comes on the scene and to the RESCUE!

A. At first glance, she meets the very nice, albeit not so colorful, yet still charming big brother (The Bosch).
B. She’s grateful, but admits to being NOT overly impressed… well at first.
· Okay… particularly – sort of – if not, you know a roundness QUALITY?
· Although round-faced, so to speak, though quite compact in stature.
· Actually even far lighter and maneuverable, who knew? Getting better!
· Compared to the antics of her current love-interest, this one is all class.

1. No less… he could whip up to three cakes + all the frosting for her, for her birthday to feed all their friends and family! Even more – tender cookies galore! See; how GENEROUS!

2. Then there this… when he lays down a covering, over hazardous puddles – whenever she passes by! Amazingly – chivalrous! See; NOT at all messy either!

· Especially compared to the other one, which even if it had a cover on, it didn’t protect HER, the countertops or her back splash.
· Now, what did she (or her back splash) ever do, to deserve such shabby treatment? (She demands to know!!!!)

3. Oh not only… is he always calm and steady – especially when thing start turning all about!

· Instead, he plants his feet firmly on the ground – from the get go.
· Whereas, as if out of nowhere, the other one might suddenly have these awful – hissy – fits, even over the simplest of requests!

4. Finally… as to all that unwanted attention part… the big brother consistently minds his manners! With his so-called [hooks] acting exactly as they SHOULD, while whisking up all sorts of fun stuff, a girl’s imagination can ask for! See – PRACTICAL yet oh so dreamy.

See, I told you Momma Cupcake was funny.Her comparisons are great and I personally KNOW many other KA owners who have expressed similar frustrations. 

The review was for fun… but I’ve actually have had success with several recipes in a KitchenAid Artisan 5-Qt Mixer with a C-hook, and far less difficulty with the KitchenAid 600 Pro Series 6-Qt w/ spiral hook

Yes, I do prefer the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer… but if you already have a KA, follow my KitchenAid Mixers: Kneading Tips for more success too!

Sharon Anne

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