Sweet Dough Flavoring & Cinnamon Roll Recipe

Disneyland Main Street Bakery

Update: June 13, 2013

Note: I have posted MY CINNAMON ROLL recipe 🙂 at the end of this post, reminiscing our Disney Cinnamon Roll memories, by special request (actually by demand from my daughter, hahaha).

Original Post Was : 4/21/12

On Disneyland’s MAIN STREET, there’s the Blue Ribbon BAKERY, which is well known for their huge, amazing cinnamon rolls.

I suspect they use Sweet Dough Flavoring within their cinnamon rolls [well perhaps?]

I say this, because… well you know how a song (or in this case a smell) brings you right back to a different time or memory?

Well no wonder, simple Google (Disney and Smellitzer). You’ll see they generate scents all throughout the park with the gadget. The scent they must use near the Blue Ribbon BAKERY happens to smell and taste. on my taste buds TASTES just like the citrus-y, vanilla-loving (nearly magical) Sweet Dough Flavoring.

Whether or not they actually put it in the recipe (or not) remains unknown, because it’s not in the recipe they share, perhaps they wish to keep it they trade-secret?

That’s my guess! Still every time I take a whiff of Sweet Dough Flavoring, I immediately recall my fun, wonderful memories of eating cinnamon rolls on Main Street of Disneyland! 

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I found the actual Disneyland Bakery Cinnamon Rolls (recipe) online, plus there’s a DisneyDiner Video on Youtube… showing how to make them at home too.

I’ve not made their recipe (at home), but I would add just a touch of Sweet Dough Flavoring. However please understand… a little bit goes a long way, but oh my still so DELICIOUS!

    Sweet Dough Flavoring

    It has a rich buttery flavor, a magical blend of vanilla and citrus that smells almost intoxicatingly good. 

    Some may be tempted to place a dab behind their ears! LOL!

    Back in July 26, 2012… 

    I was asked to make over 100 of my Cinnamon Rolls for a young boy’s cancer benefit.

    To do so… I individually packaged each LARGE cinnamon roll within clear-top sandwich containers, then adored each with fun, printed gingham labels.

    I had to hurriedly hand over all 100 rolls to my friends, who were going to sell them because they too were helping at the cancer fund PICNIC benefit.

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay because I was hopelessly now late for my youngest daughter’s bridal shower. Everyone was so nice and understanding, they were thrilled by the SIZE and QUANTITY of my large, packaged, beautiful cinnamon rolls!

    How I wish I had time to take pictures! 

    The WHOLE RUSH was just so UTTERLY consuming… 
    I’m sure you’ll understand.

    You should have seen the WHIRLWIND of a disaster… my kitchen looked like… Plus I had parchment sheets, with 100 HUGE cinnamon rolls lined up, all over on my kitchen counter!!! They looked so wonderful AND tasted so amazing, but I was seriously behind schedule!

    Fortunately, my oldest Heaven-Sent daughter came over and SWOOPED IN to help and rescue me… sShe quickly began packaging and labeling rolls like an ANGEL sent from HEAVEN!

    Fearing the clock… she frequently commented that my other daughter IS GOING TO KILL US!!! Here’s why!

    I’d volunteered for this service project because of HER, in the FIRST PLACE… because t
    he young boy who had cancer victim happens to be this very youngest daughter (and bride-to-be) fiance’s (sister-in-law’s) LITTLE BROTHER (of all people). Now, this 14-year old young man he is BATTLING CANCER! I wanted to help with the fundraiser, by making the cinnamon rolls.
    Coincidently, it’s the same day of her bridal shower! On the different side of the family! Ugh!  We were late for the shower, but got the rolls to the fundraiser.

    And it got back to me… that the 100 large
    Cinnamon Rolls {EACH}
    Sold for a whopping $4.00 {a POP!}

    A HUGE HIT! 

    Yup… I guess the SECRET was that
    Magical Aroma of Sweet Dough Flavoring

    Update: June 12, 2013 

    Okay, so the original post was about the 
    Sweet Dough Flavoring,  Disneyland memories 
    and the ORIGINAL Disney Recipe

    Then my youngest daughter said. “What? You talk about your success of you cinnamon rolls and you didn’t post the recipe?!”

    My bad!
    18 buns / 335°F oven
    Print Recipe

    1 1/4 cups whole milk, 80°F
    1 cup water, 80°F
    2 large eggs (beaten)
    2/3 cup BAKER’S SUGAR, super fine (Note:)
    10 Tbsp SALTED BUTTER, melted
    7 cups all-purpose flour
    2 Tbsp SAF® instant yeast
    1 Tbsp vital wheat gluten, opt.
    1 Tbsp lecithin, opt.
    2 tsp salt

    Note: Instead of BAKER’S SUGAR; blend GRANULATED SUGAR in a blender super fine.

    Combine first 6 ingredients with HALF the flour in the work-bowl. (I use my Bosch dough hook the whole time, but for Kitchen Aid, read KA Tips). Add the remaining flour 1/2 cup at a time until the dough cleans fully cleans the sides and bottom of the bowl – then stop adding flour. Dough should be soft, pliable – and feel like a “sticky-note”. Cover dough with a tea-towel until double in bulk. Divide dough in half and roll into 2 thin 16 x 20-inch rectangles. 

    1/2 cup salted butter, melted
    1 3/4 cups brown sugar, divided
    5 Tbsp ground cinnamon
    3/4 cup raisins

    Brush rectangles with 1/2 cup melted butter. Mix brown sugar and cinnamon, generously sprinkle over rectangles, leaving a 1-inch clean edge. Roll up the rolls and pinch to seal seam. Cut into 18 (2-inch) rolls: Tips: Criss-cross, cutting with dental floss, or a sharp bench knife. Flatten rolls with the palm of your hand and place on baking sheets, lined with parchment. Cover with towels until doubled. Bake in a 335°F oven for 20 minutes.

    1/2 cup salted butter, softened (1 stick)
    4-oz Neufchatel cheese
    1 3/4 cups powdered sugar
    1 tsp vanilla flavor
    1/4 tsp Sweet Dough Flavoring, or to taste

    Cream margarine and cream cheese thoroughly; beat 10 minutes. Add in half the powdered sugar; beat slowly 1 minute (repeat). Frost the cinnamon rolls.

    *Note: To dough, for melted unsalted butter, add: 1 Tbsp salt instead.


    Sharon Anne

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