Freeze Ginger Video, Terrific Tool: Microplane

Just recently, I ran out of a primary ingredient ingredients for Asian Cooking, my Homemade Sweet Ginger recipe, and it’s also a staple that I use in several of my own FAVORITE RECIPES (note the end of post).

Anyway, it’s truly delicious and fairly easy to make, except for Spring Time is when I’ve always made any batches for the year, in the past, because I read that’s when ginger produces the most tender roots. I just haven’t made any other times of the year.

In the meantime then, I found the following video, shared by Food Editor Jenny Slafkosky and figured others might benefit from it too.

Note: Just simply grate the frozen ginger (unthawed) with a Microplane Zester/GraterYou don’t even have to PEEL it first, before freezing. (How great is that? I love it!) Plus, I’ve listed several more of my favorite uses below for this terrific tool.

Here’s an IDEA for an affordable
Christmas Gift for your favorite cook, maybe even YOURSELF!

Besides ginger, here are several helpful hints, as to why I’ve loved my Microplane for 10 years now. I don’t know maybe even more! (Heck, I’ve lost count.)

1. I love it for grating whole nutmeg! You’ve never lived until you’ve had freshly grated nutmeg in eggnog or on your morning oatmeal. 

Savings tip: Mexican markets, that sell whole nutmeg, may sell it (for less) than you’ll find on grocer stores’ spice aisles. In fact, I find that to be true with most spices. I’ll also buy my Asian spices at Asian markets too; many or most sell fresh ginger root too.

2. When you zest oranges, lemon and limes, it take only seconds, without any of that hateful/bitter pith!

3. Use it for grating hard cheeses, like fresh Parmesan or Romano, into delicious feathery-light stands. 

4. Grate chocolate over top of cakes, whipped cream or into hot cocoa. Just be sure the chocolate is very COLD before you attempt to finely grate it.

Re: Cleanup… I usually simply rinse it off , and then wipe dry. However, since they are also dishwasher safe, mine has gone in innumerable times. It’s still sharp as I can ever remember it being.

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Sharon Anne

2 thoughts on “Freeze Ginger Video, Terrific Tool: Microplane”

  1. I love cooking and I always try to learn new recipes. The recipe of Homemade Sweet Ginger is something different for me. I really want to try it as it looks simple and delicious too. Do you have any cooking tips while making this? I am going to try it this Sunday. I wish it will come out good and my family will like it

  2. Hey Cris, sorry I must have missed your comment until now. If you're inquiring about Homemade Sweet Ginger… then yes, I do have cooking tips (uses). Please go to the Search box in the upper left corner, there you can type in the name to find several recipes that I use it in. Plus, I'm also working on a terrific Honey Lime Dressing that's turned out DIVINE! However, I don't have the EXACT ingredient amounts written down yet. I just recently mixed it up on the fly and threw it all together, until it tasted delicious (for the very first time). Now I to make it (AGAIN) before I can share that too online, but I will too and soon.

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