Why Cook With Distilled Water?

I’ve cooked, tested and developed my own recipes for over twenty years.

So-called Experts: Some cookbook authors make this claim (not) to use distilled water in dough – otherwise – the dough becomes too “slack”.

How can this be true? From the lack of inorganic minerals?

This is nothing but an “old wives” tale! Their claims are “PURE” NONSENSE!

Whoa, no pun intended – although distilled water is nearly 99% “PURE” H2O.

The true meaning of dough becoming too “slack” is by adding too much water, not because it was distilled water.

I’ll Bet: but they’ve NEVER ever tried once making bread with distilled water themselves.

Hard Water: Have YOU ever noticed YOUR canning jars and lids come out covered with hard tap water’s film or dust?

Try this: Take a saucepan, have you filled with tap water boiled dry, just you look at all the gray unsightly residue that’s left behind? That’s going into your baked goods too. Think about it!

Whenever you bake a loaf of bread or a cake, the oven heat evaporates out the water, leaving that very lousy stuff behind.

If you’re using tap water, that same inorganic material remains (just like the saucepan) in your baked goods.

Then we scratch our heads, wondering why our breads are only soft, when baked fresh, and then they stale so quickly. No wonder, if YOU’RE always using hard tap water!

My Tip: Try any properly stored or (new) bottle of DISTILLED WATER in your favorite recipes. You’ll surprise YOURSELF just how much better your (old) bread recipes or your favorite soup recipes taste afterwards!
I use Distilled Water in 90% of all my cooking and baking recipes w/ water.
Tips for Cooking with Distilled Water:  

The list really goes on and on…
Soups taste so much better with stock made with distilled water. 
Pasta also has a better taste when boiled in distilled – who knew?
Breads stay softer longer (no hard water minerals); the difference is outstanding.
Beans and Legumes, cooked in distilled, cook faster – taste better.
Canning w/ Distilled! Use distilled water, over and over for canning, for no more gray film to cover and muck up your beautiful jars.
Syrups, be sure to use it for fruit syrups too.

Distilled Drinking Water: 

It’s better for you and let’s face it! People DETEST tap water (let alone 8 glasses a day) 

Besides everyone agrees… TAP WATER  tastes lousy! Bottled water’s expensive… 

Distilled water is NOT at all expensive and it tastes great – personal preferences!

When stored properly in heavy-grade plastic bottles, distilled does NOT take on the flavor of the plastic, like when stored (long-term) in plastic milk jugs. If buying from the grocery store, be sure to rotate fast, and don’t store.

Distilled Water Storage Tips:

  • Storing water isn’t difficult. I store 50 gallons of DISTILLED WATER in ten (5-gal) bottles. i.e.: the photo (left)
  • Distillers:  I refill my (5-gal) bottles at The Water Outlet on 28th & Washington and/or Kitchen Kneads on 3030 Grant Avenue in Ogden, Utah.
  • Don’t store distilled water in milk-jug-type plastics ever for [long-term] storage!  If you do, they need to be rotated out QUICKLY. Only purchase distilled water in hi-grade heavy-blue-plastic bottles FOR LONG-TERM.
  • Don’t store any water in an open container (pitcher). Water easily picks up odors and stales quickly. Simply keeping it covered prevents off-tastes.

We keep several (3-gal) dispensers with spigots, filled with Distilled Water.

  • One  (up on a shelf) for easy access in our bedroom closets.
  • Another resides on the kitchen counter.

My whole family drinks Distilled Water at room temperature. I could never guzzle 8-12 ounces cold water, room temp is easy!

  • We also have a narrow-quart fridge-container to add juice concentrate to.

I do store TAP WATER in a 55-gallon drum, plus several 5-gal containers of water (just in case) for emergency purposes, and have set this aside for our personal needs. 

FEMA and other emergency services recommend a two-week emergency water supply on hand at all times. Survival rations consists of 1/2 gallon (per person / per day) for drinking and minimal food preparation purposes, and 1 gallon would be better.

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