America’s Test Kitchen Gluten Free Flour Mix

America’s Test Kitchen
Gluten Free Flour Mix

A great GF Flour Mix (Recipe Blend) from:
America’s Test Kitchen’s 

ATK GF Flour Mix

To Make: 42 ounces (9 1/3 cups)

24 ounces (4 1/2 cups plus 1/3 cup) white rice flour
7 1/2 ounces (1 2/3 cups) brown rice flour
7 ounces (1 1/3 cups) potato starch
3 ounces (3/4 cup) tapioca starch
3/4 ounce (3 tablespoons) nonfat milk powder

Trial Batch: Makes 8 ounces (1 3/4 cups)

4 5/8 ounces white rice flour
1 3/8 ounces brown rice flour
1 1/3 ounces potato starch
5/8 ounce tapioca starch
1/8 ounce powdered milk

Either in a large bowl, whisk together a large batch of ingredients until well combined. Or in a smaller bowl, whisk the trial batch together. Transfer to airtight container and refrigerate for up to 3 months, or freeze for up to 6 months. Bring to room temperature before using. 

Note: Always bring this flour to room temperature before using, you recipes may not work as expected. For most recipes, it’s best to WEIGH the ingredients and/or the blend. 

However, if you must measure by volume, spoon into the measuring cup; do NOT pack or tap, simply scrape off the excess with a knife.

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White Rice Flour: ideal for its neutral flavor and smooth texture. America Test Kitchen had the best results with Bob’s Red Mill white rice flour and recommends using that brand.

Brown Rice Flour: imparts earthiness and lends heft to baked goods. America Test Kitchen also had the best results with Bob’s Red Mill brown rice flour, so they recommend using that brand again over any other.

Potato Starch: helps with tenderness and binding. Be very careful to use potato starch, and not potato flour. Alternatively, you substitute additional sweet white rice flour, 7 ounces (1 1/4 cups plus 2 tablespoons), add 7 ounces (1 3/4 cups) arrowroot starch/flour/powder may be substituted for the potato starch. They state they had better results using sweet rice flour in quick-breads, cakes, and cookies, but substitute arrowroot starch in yeast bread.

Tapioca Starch: provides chew and elasticity. Tapioca starch is also sold as tapioca flour; they are interchangeable.

Nonfat Milk Powder: helps with structure, tenderness, and browning; adds a lovely rich, caramel-like flavor, and helps temper starchiness.  

If dairy is part of your diet, they strongly recommend adding the nonfat milk powder. (ATK uses nonfat, rather than whole-milk, powder because it is more readily available.) If you prefer, use an equal amount of soy milk powder. You can omit the milk powder altogether, however baked goods won’t brown quite a well and they will taste a bit less rich, especially in recipes without a lot of fat.

GF Flour Mix (Recipe Blend) From: 
America’s Test Kitchen’s


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