Buttermilk Wheat Bread (Single Loaf: 2 recipe sizes)


This is the same recipe as posted for the Bosch, just scaled down to a (single-loaf: 2 recipe sizes).  


For the money, my Sunbeam bread machine bakes just fine. It’s just that for normal loaves… I rather hand-shape and oven bake my loaves.Read the rest

BB BUTTERMILK: “Better Baking” Buttermilk

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♥ BB Buttermilk | “Better Baking” Buttermilk often simply MAKES many bread recipes that much better. 

♥ It conditions, tenderizes and enhance yeast dough, better than store-bought buttermilk will. 

♥ Making BB Buttermilk is a great way to rotate your dry milk storage!Read the rest

Sweet Dough Flavoring & Cinnamon Roll Recipe

Disneyland Main Street Bakery

Update: June 13, 2013

Note: I have posted MY CINNAMON ROLL recipe 🙂 at the end of this post, reminiscing our Disney Cinnamon Roll memories, by special request (actually by demand from my daughter, hahaha).

Original Post Was : 4/21/12

On Disneyland’s MAIN STREET, there’s the Blue Ribbon BAKERY, which is well known for their huge, amazing cinnamon rolls.Read the rest

KitchenAid Mixers: Kneading Tips

Refer to your machine’s manual first, to learn its true flour capacity for wheat flour; it differs from what’s advertised on the box (which usually refers to white flour capacity).

Mixing: Flat Beater…

1. To somewhat reduce the problem of dough climbing is to start with the flat beater and blend in enough flour just until the dough begins to collect.Read the rest

Celebrity Death Match: KA vs. BOSCH

I LOVE reading a blogger, a long time back, who had the most absolute darling pink KitchenAid.
Come on FOLKS! Who wouldn’t love it? 
“It’s pink!”

KitchenAid 5-Qt Artisan Series w/ Pouring Shield – Pink

She blogged a clever, CLEVER REVIEW a while back – I’ve linked before to her actual review, but her blog is now gone.

Read the rest

Baking Fond Memories…. w/ My “Old Bessie” Bosch

Baking Fond Memories…. 
w/ My “Old Bessie” Bosch

My kids’ friends would faithfully arrive around 4 p.m., every Thursday (like clockwork). They loved the smell of hot steaming loaves (one particular recipe) sure to be coming from the oven just about then; I timed it that way.
Read the rest

Great Year: Top Ten Blog Posts… 2010 – 2011

To celebrate the NEW YEAR allow me to list last year’s “Top Ten Posts”.
10. Wheat flour’s ALWAYS BEST GROUND fresh at home;
I’ve helped several get their own Magic Mill (stone grinder)
grinds the very best flours… really it just does!… Read the rest

“Better Baking” Buttermilk Classes

“Better Baking” Buttermilk Classes are available again.
Now you can learn MY SECRETS for “better baking” too.

BBB Class: 30 minutes

Q&A: 15 minutes (more)
Class fee: $10.00
Dates: Here

Plus: I can help you get Instant ClearJel, or send you a small ICJ sample.Read the rest