Monthly FRUIT Harvests (General LIST for USA & UK)

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I love the “fruit” seasons for harvesting fresh fruit. Thank goodness for (grocery stores) and the freezer, so “jam, jelly, and pie” seasons can be extended.

However, (local) seasonal fruit always tastes by far the best. For your specific area – i.e.: USA States – look here, but note several links may become broken.Read the rest

Strawberry Ice Cream, Shakes & Frozen Yogurt*

One year, my son gave me a nifty-difty ice cream maker for Mother’s Day. Now, I have seen there’s a similar newly designed model out on the market.

For Better Desserts… (my secrets include)

  • My Freezer Strawberry Jam made with Instant ClearJel©, helps me to make wonderful strawberry ice cream, terrific shakes and refreshing frozen yogurt.
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