Household GREEN STUFF Counter Spray

Although not food, I love, Love, LOVE this recipe!
I  truly figured out long ago, that I’ve literally saved the big, big 
Buck$$$ by making my very own homemade…
Counter Cleaner

I am seriously sensitive, if not even allergic to many cleaning chemicals… 
So instead… I’ve been making this well over 30 years!Read the rest

Cream Cheese Pie: Strawberry, Banana & Blueberry “Beautiful Old Glory”

Post Update: 7-22-12

  “Beautiful Old Glory”  

I love the month of JULY.

I should mention… the glaze for the strawberries, I use, is simply my homemade Strawberry Jam recipe, which I most often make [fresh] with Instant ClearJel®. My adult children still rave about how amazing it is; even frozen and thawed, it’s so easy to use too.Read the rest

Classic Keyboard Signs

Ever wonder what’s the secret ingredient to creating “classic” keyboard signs? Say, you simply want to type “Bake at 350°F for 30 minutes.”

For Windows, it’s 350 (Alt+0176) F; for Macs, see below.
(except DON’T type the parentheses NOR the + sign)

Alternately… I just do 350 (Alt+248) F

Type 350 (hold down Alt key – while – typing numbers),
and then type F = 350°F.Read the rest

KitchenAid Mixers: Kneading Tips

Refer to your machine’s manual first, to learn its true flour capacity for wheat flour; it differs from what’s advertised on the box (which usually refers to white flour capacity).

Mixing: Flat Beater…

1. To somewhat reduce the problem of dough climbing is to start with the flat beater and blend in enough flour just until the dough begins to collect.Read the rest

Celebrity Death Match: KA vs. BOSCH

I LOVE reading a blogger, a long time back, who had the most absolute darling pink KitchenAid.
Come on FOLKS! Who wouldn’t love it? 
“It’s pink!”

KitchenAid 5-Qt Artisan Series w/ Pouring Shield – Pink

She blogged a clever, CLEVER REVIEW a while back – I’ve linked before to her actual review, but her blog is now gone.

Read the rest

Buttermilk Pie Crust

This has become my go-to recipe. Mix, chill, roll, and learn the secret to baking perfect pie crusts and/or shells.

Buttermilk Pie Crust
Adapted by Sharon Anne
Source: Lion House Pies cookbook

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/4 tsp salt (see note below)
1/2 cup Crisco, butter-flavored shortening
2 Tbsp butter, UNSALTED
3/4 cup (to 1 cup) buttermilk

Measure the flour (and salt, if using) into work-bowl, stir.Read the rest

“Better Baking” Buttermilk Classes

“Better Baking” Buttermilk Classes are available again.
Now you can learn MY SECRETS for “better baking” too.

BBB Class: 30 minutes

Q&A: 15 minutes (more)
Class fee: $10.00
Dates: Here

Plus: I can help you get Instant ClearJel, or send you a small ICJ sample.Read the rest