Calorie Counter – Recipe Analysis

Ever wonder how many calories per serving there are in your favorite recipe? Or maybe how many grams of fat/protein/carbs ARE within a recipe? 

Doesn’t matter what recipe; mine, yours, whose recipe. 

This Recipe Analysis just may help.

See Calorie Count @ Recipe Analysis 

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Baking Better Breads SECRETS (be told) say, “ooooh!”

Bosch: Baking Fond Memories
Truly one of my MOST Popular Posts.

1. Equipment: First of all… for making the BEST bread(s) it requires the best equipment.

  • For several loaves, the Bosch Universal mixer kitchen machine is my favorite for whole grains and white bread(s).
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Great Time Decorating Pies: Pumpkin

  Decorative Leaf Pie Crust

This lovely leaf design just perfect for your holiday pumpkin pie! 

It’s been my most popular post (by a landslide!). You use pastry stamps; please read the directions for when to apply the leaves! 

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