Ranch Seasoning Mix (Homemade) Regular & Gluten Free

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My original recipe called for saltine crackers, but I didn’t buy them regularly, so whenever my DH brought home Wendy’s Chili, something BTW something we both love, I would reserve the packets for this recipe… to use later for my favorite “TO DIE FOR” rub – to slather onto pot roasts, chuck roasts or cross rib roasts – which can make a sliced taste almost as good as PRIME RIB! 

However, since I gone Gluten Free, I’ve substituted the regular gluten-laden saltines with Glutino Ritz-like crackers.Read the rest

Italian Seasoning Mix (Homemade)

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I have THE BEST SPICE cupboard.
I SAVE, by making my own 

This recipe is one of my all time FAVORITES. 
I never cared for the store-bought variety. 

Read the rest