Quinoa, Mango & Black Bean Salad – Gluten Free

This colorful quinoa salad features nice big chunks of mango, red pepper, and avocado. It also has black beans, green onions, some seasonings and of course, cilantro… Never forget the cilantro! Then it’s dressed with a tasty lime vinaigrette dressing. It a great salad for parties, and a delicious salad for dinner time.… Read the rest

Paella Spanish Rice, Traditional or “Veggie-Style”

This is a wonderful savory paella. My family says it’s the best rice dish ever!

All you need, is a large covered skillet to make this fabulous paella.

Traditional Paella rice is served with shrimp and chicken, (plus expensive saffron, which I don’t add) anymore. 

I usually make ours VEGGIE-STYLE, served with fish; my family adores it that way with my Maple Glazed Salmon recipe. Being a rice dish, makes it gluten-free and the flavors are incredibly delicious!
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